Continuum showcases Michael’s progression and limitless artistry for his love of the lap steel guitar. Seamlessly blending everything from rock, folk, Americana, and blues, with an ambient sensibility, listeners get a taste of a well-rounded album of intelligent variations. Precise melodic execution from his fine acoustic and lap steel delivery make Continuum a solid and infectious new release. Featuring special guest contributions from George Winston on lead single “Sanctum” and bassist JD Foster who has toured with Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, and Dwight Yoakam.

Music Web Express - In the spirit of guitar masters such as Ry Cooder, Jerry Douglas, Bill Frisell, David Lindley and other fine players, Virginia-based Michael Barry-Rec strikes guitar gold with his 2014 CD, his third, entitled Continuum... click here for full review

Interview with Indie Music Digest - Click here for full review...

Vents Magazine - "Michael Barry-Rec will affirm your faith in music again. He represents all that is good in ”real” music and his latest effort delivers a highly passionate 13 track catalog via top flight musicianship and amazing songwriting..."

Skope - "I See Michael Barry-Rec as a painter and the guitar his brush. His playing is straight from the heart and offers a very strong and confident soul searching perspective and artistic spirit. I must admit Continuum sucked me in like a powerful drug and refused to let go long after the CD was over..."

New Age Music Reviews  -  "Continuum is dynamic and full of vision. If you close your eyes and just see the music in your mind, you can imagine walking into an inner sanctum where all you hear is the essence of sound..." 

Baby Sue Reviews - "With tracks that flow by like a cool mountain stream this is just pure good music from a man who knows what he's doing..."


"Streams In The Desert"

Sometimes life is like a desert, a vast nothingness, arid and inhospitable with very little nourishment along the way. We depend on secret places, unexpected oases and small miracles of nature to give us sanctuary. Michael Barry-Rec's new album Streams in the Desert seems to be perfect for the task. His contemporary instrumental venture into the musical equivalent of life giving waters is his best album to date. His previous release On The Road To North Mountain was sublime, but the new one has more funk, lots more energy, some electronics and several major accompaniments including bassist Travis Weaver and legendary pianist George Winston. The music unfolds like an expedition, over various terrains and in different climates, somewhere from bluesy to contemporary to almost cinematic. All is guaranteed to slake your musical thirst... click here for full review      



Click on the title of any track below to hear samples:

1.  Pickin' Up the Pieces
Gravity Fed
Memory Rain
Saturation Determination
Decatur Aqua
Sugar Creek
Blue Canoe
Reckoning (Dark Side Fling)
Diamond Hill
Better Angels
October Moon (Integration)
Streams in the Desert

On The Road To North Mountain   

Review from Gary Hill of Music Street Journal

Sometimes words just don't do justice. Such is the case here. If I had to describe this music on it's own merits I'd have to say that a healthy helping of instrumental folk music with hints of blues and country is combined with arrangements that often times call to mind early Pink Floyd. That comes close, but it really does not convey just how strong this disc is...

"I love this CD! Michael's music is beautifully organic and vital." George Winston

Review from Prognaut Magazine

...the whole album is a highlight and one of the very few that gets played in one listen rather than sporadically over a course of time. The music just flows with a familiar feeling that you can’t help but keep listening up til the end. This makes On The Road To North Mountain one of the better independent, even major releases that has crossed my path in a long while.

Review from Floyd Bledsoe of Progressive Ears Magazine.

I get quite a few CDs sent to me for reviews here on this web site. I try to check out every one that comes in even if it's just to skim through the tracks to get a feel of what the music is like. Very rarely does something knock me off my feet like this disc from Virginian guitarist Michael Barry-Rec. I had originally intended to just sample a small portion but once it was on I was almost mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the music. By the third or fourth track, I was completely hooked. Ironically, if I had been given a description of this music I probably wouldn't have been all that interested. This is music that needs to be heard and experienced... click here for the full review!

Click on the bolded songs for sound bytes:



1. In Your Waking Hours

2. Funky Side Up

3. Bo Kata 1

4. Cold Sun

5. Go Fly A Kite

6. ...Thru The Fog

7. Verge Street

8. A Chance To Dream

9. Elements

10.Rain Or Shine

11. Braking Point