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Continuum On The Airwaves   May 9, 2014

Big thanks to these two hundred stations for playing “Continuum”! Click here for the list

New CD Release   February 18, 2014

Michael's new CD "Continuum" is now available

"Elements" Comes Alive  March 5, 2012

Legendary pianist George Winston covers Michael's song "Elements" on his soon to be released CD Gulf Coast Blues and Impressions 2 - A Louisiana Wetlands Benefit.

Acoustic Resonance  October 13, 2009

"Streams In The Desert" charts #1 on WWSP's Acoustic Resonance for the month of September.


News Music Gallery  September 3, 2009

WMNR Fine Arts Radio features "Streams In The Desert" on their September 3rd broadcast of "New Music Gallery".

Echoes Radio  April 30, 2009

"Streams In The Desert" makes Echoes top 20 for the month of April! Click here to see the chart.

2008 LA Music Awards  November 20, 2008

"Streams In The Desert" has been awarded Producers Choice "Acoustic Film Score Album of the Year" at the 2008 LA Music Awards.

New CD Release  October 24, 2008

Michael's new CD - "Streams In The Desert" is now available!

Rock/Music Slideshow June 4, 2008

Check out some of Michael's stonework and his new tune "Pickin' Up The Pieces".

Click here to play

George Lends A Hand  July 12, 2008

Grammy winning solo pianist George Winston lends a hand on Michael's upcoming release - "Streams In The Desert"

New Music Gallery  Friday, July 8, 2005

WMNR's "New Music Gallery" program of July 28th to feature "On The Road To North Mountain"

Sundance Film Festival 2006 Friday, July 1, 2005

Academy Award- nominated filmmaker Steven Cantor gives Michaels music - 'thumbs up' for Sally Mann's upcoming documentary premiering at Sundance Film Festival 2006.